About Us!

Owners of Velvet & Verde : Aubree and Angela

At the heart of Velvet & Verde is a mother-daughter team passionate about bringing our own brand of elevated & funky style to the community, whether it be our quaint town or to our online audience. After being exclusively online and popping up at vendor markets all over Texas, the dream of having a storefront came to reality in January 2023. It has been a huge blessing and is not taken for granted…for one single second!

We buy for Vivian Rose: Meet Vivian Rose: our muse. She's a lover of literature and alternative soundtracks, always poised for a caffeine fix or retail therapy. Vivian is an emblem of thoughtfulness and insight. While she may lean towards the quieter side of social interaction, her style is anything but. Vivian's wardrobe is her voice, a reflection of her spirit and a showcase of her individuality. She is drawn to minimalist designs with a twist, pieces that subtly command attention and echo her distinctive flair. She is a woman who dresses not only for the world but for herself, seeking comfort and confidence in the clothes she wears. And for Vivian, black remains the ultimate neutral, no matter the season.

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